Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant
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Real Name


First Appearance

Kabumpo in Oz (1922)

Original Publisher

Reilly & Lee

Created by

Ruth Plumly Thompson


Kabumpo is the Elegant Elephant of Pumperdink, a small, old-fashioned country in the northern part of the Land of Oz. He was originally a christening gift to the King of Pumperdink, Pompus, and has been granted the title of prince.

Kabumpo is known for his wisdom in Pumperdink, but that might be because he shines in comparison to King Pompus. In his adventures, he is usually too sure about some conviction and highly concerned with his elegant robes and jewels. However, Kabumpo is also able to learn from mistakes, and a traveling prince can have no bigger friend or protector.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Kabumpo in Oz

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