Princess Karna

Real Name

Princess Karna

First Appearance

Space Western #43 (1953)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson


Princess Karna was lost hundreds of years before, last seen at the base of a Mayan pyramid temple in Mexico. Strong Bow goes to the pyramid with Laughing Frog and another of their tribe to see if they can discover the fate of the princess.

Inside the pyramid, they discover an odd-looking spaceship with room enough for one person. Strong Bow and his friends set the craft upright, pointed toward the top of the temple. The sun enters the shaft above, warming the rocket and causing it to fire. Strong Bow is taken to Mercury, there to encounter Axar, Master of Mercury.

Strong Bow tells Axar he is a Mayan like Axar is. Axar calls Strong Bow a liar, and contemplates how to execute him. Strong Bow is chained to a pillar. He uses his increased strength attributed to Mercury's lower gravity than Earth's to break the chains. He discovers Princess Karna, still young and beautiful, as nobody ages on Mercury. Strong Bow returns to Earth with Princess Karna.

 Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Western #43

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