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Sir Kay (or Sir Cai in the Welsh traditions) was the son of Sir Ector (Cynyr Fork-Beard in the Welsh traditions), who was appointed by Merlin as the guardian of King Arthur. During a tournament, Kay needed his sword, and asked his foster brother, Arthur, to go home and fetch it. Unable to retrieve the sword from their home, Arthur attempted to pull the mystical sword Durendal, which was embedded in stone. It was said that any man who could pull Durendal from the stone, would become King, and Arthur was able to do so with ease. When Kay realized that he had been brought the mystical sword, he took credit for pulling it from the stone himself. However, when asked to repeat the feat in front of a crowd, Kay placed the sword back in the stone, and was not able to withdraw it. Arthur repeated the feat, and Kay, possibly with the prompting of his father, became one of the first to swear allegiance to Arthur.

Sir Kay and Sir Ector were among the first knights of King Arthur's round table. Though he was generally a cynical, hot-headed braggart, bully and liar, Kay was not disloyal, and usually fought with great courage and strength. In most Arthurian legends, he was said to be killed during Arthur's campaign against the fictional Roman Emperor Lucius. In Welsh tradition, he was said to have been killed by Gwyddawg fab Menestyr, and later avenged by Arthur himself.

Kay's only known love was Andrivete of Northumbria, who he was said to marry. One story gives him an evil son named Gronosis, while the Welsh tradition gives him a son named Garanwyn and a daughter named Celemon.

The Welsh tradition ascribes magical powers to Sir Kay, saying that he could go nine days without eating or breathing, grow as tall as a tree and project flames from his hands. Wounds from his sword could not be healed.

Public Domain Comic Appearances[]

  • Catholic Comics #5: Sir Kay tries to convince everyone that he pulled the sword from the stone, when Arthur gives him the sword.
  • Top-Notch Comics #5: Sir Kay volunteers to battle Sir Galahad in a joust, to test his mettle.

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