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Fantastic Fears #8 (July-August 1954)

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Kaza was a jungle hero who attracted the attention of a rich old woman from New York named Matilda Marshall who had fallen in love with him. She goes to the jungle with her attractive paid companion Dorothy Gray, who also finds Kaza handsome, to find Kaza and marry him. However, Tom Rubio a spurned suitor of Matilda came to Africa as well and tried to kill Kaza, but failed miserably. However, Kaza who wanted nothing to do with the old woman made a deal with Tom to have a fake fight where Kaza would lose on purpose making Tom look stronger and more attractive to Matilda. Their plan worked and Matilda lost interest in Kaza. Dorothy was not fooled by Kaza and Tom's ruse, but Kaza pretends to not know what she was talking about when confronted about it later.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Fears #8


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