Kazanda, Queen of the Lost Continent

Real Name


First Appearance

Rangers Comics #23 (June, 1945)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Archie E. Martin (as Peter Amos) and Edward Brodie-Mack (as Brodie Mack)


Kazanda was the "Queen of the Lost Continent," a landmass in uncharted waters. She promised to help Sylf, the Subtle, find a blood sacrafice for his altar, but instead, she protects Paul and the Professor from him.

Kazanda seemed to be capable of some form of telepathy enabling her and her friends to see distant events, in what she called, "air pictures." She could also speak to animals and was able to command birds, tigers, elephants and gorillas among other species. She was friends with a tiger she called Fang. She also demonstrated the ability to ignite small fires. Although she was not a great fighter, she was very adept at surviving in the jungle.

Golden Age Appearances

Rangers Comics #23-28