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Real Name


First Appearance

Jungle Stories (Winter 1938-1939)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

John M. Reynolds


Ki-Gor the Jungle Lord began life as the son of a missionary. After the Wunguba tribe killed his father, the boy survived in the jungle with the help of his elephant friend, Marmo. Later though an American aviatrix named Helene Vaughn crashes her plane in Ki-Gor's jungle. He rescues her both from her plane wreckage and slavers slowly earning her trust and eventually they got married. The couple later discovered the lost Egyptian city of Memphre that has both pygmies and an trained chimp army.

Besides Helene, Ki-gor also had help from his best friend, Tembu George, leader of the Masai people and N'Geeso, the leader of the the Kamazila pygmy tribe. Tembu George and N'Gesso would often argue with each other, but remained the best of friends.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Jungle Stories(Winter 1938-Spring 1954)

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