Kid Cthulhu
Kid Cthulhu 01.png
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Real Name

Ronnie Glover

First Appearance

PDSH wiki (Feb. 2015)

Created By

Brandon Longstreth


Ronnie Glover was raised by fundamentalist Cthulhu cultist parents. As a teenager he began to question the teachings of his slumbering overlord. When he turned 16 he decided to secretly work against the criminal actions of the Cthulhu cult and donned the vigilante identity of Kid Cthulhu.


Kid Cthulhu uses the secrets he learned as a cultist to fight crime. His Nightgaunt wings were grown using alchemy and are stored in his utility belt in a pouch that uses Non-Euclidean geometry. He is a powerful swimmer due to unique familial traits and secret cultist techniques.


Kid Cthulhu is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish.

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