Public Domain Super Heroes
Kid Tyrant

Real Name

Ragsy Murphy

First Appearance

Target Comics vol. 2 #8

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Fagaly


Ragsy Murphy was a streetwise orphan from a city in eastern New Jersey who earned his living as a newspaper boy. He was born in Albany, New York to a family of hard-working Irish immigrants. Ragsy's father earned a comfortable living as a construction worker, but when the contractor he worked for refused to replace inferior cement, the building he was working on collapsed, killing everyone inside. Ragsy and his mother were at a loss without his father, however, his mother died of grief shortly thereafter, leaving the young boy an orphan.

But Ragsy was determined not get locked in an orphanage, so he caught a barge out of Albany to Jersey City, where he hoped to make living. He managed to survive on his own for months until he ran into an amnesiac who, unbeknown to him, was actually Peter Stockbridge, the heir to the vast Stockbridge fortune and the master of disguise known as the Chameleon. At the time, his identity was usurped by a member of the gang led by a criminal plastic surgeon known as Dr. Knife. After Peter recovered his memories, Ragsy decided to tag along, both because he felt sorry for Peter and because he figured that he would probably benefit from Peter's success. Together, the two were able to find proof of Dr. Knife's schemes and brought him and his gang to justice. The grateful Peter made Ragsy his ward.

While Ragsy enjoyed living in a spacious mansion and eating fine meals, he chafed at the tedium of the privileged life and all the studying he had to do with the tutor Peter hired. When a dangerous kid gang went on a crime spree throughout the city, he decided to investigate. He was able to infiltrate it, but, to preserve his cover, he took a cue from his favorite comic book character (the Tyrant) and assumed the costumed identity of Kid Tyrant. Out of costume, he worked as part of the gang, only to bust their plans as Kid Tyrant. He retired his costumed identity shortly after the gang's leader was brought to justice.

From that point on, he continued adventuring, mostly because it was more exciting than studying. As he grew older, he came to appreciate studying a little more (though seeing his tutor kick some Nazi butt surely didn't hurt). He continued to aid Peter on and off until their feature was canceled.

Public Domain Appearances[]

  • Target Comics vol. 2 #8-12
    • vol. 3 #1-12
      • vol. 44 #1-5
        • vol. 7 #1