Killer Plant
Killer plant

Real Name


First Appearance

Dark Mysteries #7 (1952)

Original Publisher

Master Comics

Created by

A. C. Hollingsworth

Golden Age Origin

Lenore was the secretary, lab assistant, and girlfriend of Dr. Lewis Parker, a scientist who sought to turn plants into people. His theory was to feed human blood to young plants.


Lenore before her transformation.

However, he became obsessed with his experiments resorting to grave robbing and kidnapping an escaped criminal named Danny Raphel to feed his plant when he could take no more blood from Lenore or his bodies. Lenore lashed out at Lewis saying he was a killer, but during the struggle she was stabbed by a syringe.

Seeing his beloved dying, Lewis is brought to his senses. In order to save her life, Dr. Parker took the blood he had injected into the plant from the criminal and injects it into Lenore. However, while the injection revived Lenore she began to transform into a plant with the same killer instincts as the murderous blood donor Raphel. She then strangled Dr. Parker who was ironically killed by succeeding in his goal to create plant-human hybrids.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Dark Mysteries #7

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