Real Name


First Appearance

Speed Comics #7 (April, 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Munson Paddock (Glenn Rose)

Golden Age Origin

Killraye was a warlord who lived in a palace on the planet Jupiter. After capturing Mars Mason, his palace was destroyed by earth ships and Killraye himself was kicked off Jupiter into space. However, Killraye managed to get to a comet inhabited by the Needle Men, who he commanded in a series of attacks against Earth, targeting Interplanetary Post Offices where Mars Mason might be working. After battling Mars Mason, Killrayes forces were decimated by the Saturn Men.

Killraye claimed to be a cousin of the Needle Men and he did look like them, but he appeared to have the unique feature of wings. His forces had access to spaceships with "Spiral Rays" which worked like a tractor beam. Killraye also had access to the Multi-Ray Torture Machine, which could slowly eat out a man's internal organs. Killraye himself appeared to be a decent fighter, capable of hurling his fellow Needle Men at a target. However, he did not personally carry any weapons, other than the natural needle points of his body.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Speed Comics #7-8
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