King Killer

Real Name


First Appearance

Uncle Sam Quarterly #1 (Autumn, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Will Eisner


When Dr. Link and Dr. Blink set out to create the most powerful criminal mastermind of all time, they could not decide which of them should be the subject of the experiment, so they found another weakling to conduct the experiment on. The result was King Killer, a man with the brains of 50 of the worst criminals of the time. The operation, which left a scar down the middle of his head, made King Killer bigger, stronger, smarter and possessed of uncontrolable feelings of aggression. King Killer quickly turned on his creators and set out to create a gang that would take over the entire United States. His first step was getting congress to turn the small county of Rex into an independant state, which would be the haven of the country's worst criminals, with King Killer crowning himself the "King of Crime." He fought the hero, Uncle Sam on a number of occassions, but usually ended up behind bars.


King Killer stood about 7 feet tall and possessed superhuman strength, sufficient to bend mine tracks around Uncle Sam, to rip trees, fire hydrants and lamposts out of the ground and use them as weapons, and even to lift the corner of a house. He also seemed to posses superhuman durability, sufficient to get up after being punched through a steel wall, and several comic book panel borders. He carried a variety of weapons, and formed a "Kingdom of Crime" before he was incarcerated.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Uncle Sam Quarterly #1-3
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