King of Minos

Real Name


First Appearance

Amazing Adventures #3 (May-June 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Giocoia, John Giunta


John Seton, a marine pilot in World War II, had crashed his airplane. Physically he healed well. He couldn't adjust to civilian life. His engagement to Marcia didn't even hold his interest.

Dozing off in his armchair, John is awoken by a figure identical in appearance to himself. The figure explains he is Aard Calgon, a scientist from the year 3951. He can project himself into the past if he can find an exact look-alike for himself. Aard can change places with John, and asks if they might for a while. Neither person is to reveal the exchange.

John agrees and wakes up in Aard's body in the future. He observes a television transmission detailing Earth's war with the alien race called the Minosians from the planet Minos. It is feared that the aliens have kidnapped Vana Parmelee, the daughter of the president of the "United Galaxy Council". The only hope, the announcer says, lies in a "Super Ray-Blast" invention of Aard Calgon.

John Seton despairs, not having Aard's knowledge of the Ray-Blast device. Before he can contact Calgon via the machine, he is knocked out.

The Minosians snuck up on him using a "shield of invisibility". Seton awakens in a cell next to Vana, who thinks he is Aard. The King of Minos uses a device to extract Aard's knowledge. When the King has done so, he realizes the truth about John and Aard and returns John to his cell. On the way back, John knocks out his guard and releases Vana. She gets control of a ship while John fights off the aliens with his fists. He tells her to leave without him, but she finds a "hand blaster" and evens the odds for John quickly. Vana admires the manly change she sees in Aard, still not realizing it's a different man in Calgon's body. They express their love for each other.

When they return to Earth, John tells her goodbye, knowing Aard must return and take his place back. John uses the machine to switch places with Aard. Back in the past, John Seton bemoans his lost love for Vana. Aard Calgon appears to him again, telling John of the romantic involvement between Marcia and Aard that developed while John was in the future. Vana shows up with Aard, telling John that Aard told her everything. Vana and Aard want John to return to the future so the pairs can be with their true loves. John agrees, waiting for the day when Aard returns and switches places with him so John and Vana can be together, and Aard and Marcia can be together.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Adventures #3

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