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First Appearance

Amazing Adventures #1 (1950)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Siegel, Harry Sahle


Space pilot Vince Darrow callously rebuffs Kit-E, a beautiful Martian maiden with whom he had a relationship. His brutal heartlessness continues as he observes her throw herself out of a window. He goes to a nearby bar filled with space faring men and orders a "Rocketini" drink.

Vince muses to himself of hoping to find a woman with an unconquerable allure, when he overhears another space pilot named Timothy mention the Asteroid Witch with whom the pilot had an encounter. He explains he was piloting his ship, the Star-Brite, when the face of the Asteroid Witch filled his screen and spoke to him. He followed the Asteroid Witch, whom he described as the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. He was brought to his senses by a near-miss with a meteorite that caused him to hit his head and knock him unconscious.

Deciding he needed to find her for himself, Vince goes to the rocketport and steals a space liner. The Interplanetary Patrol goes after Vince in the Police Vessel X-32. Vince comes to his senses and plans to turn himself in. The Asteroid Witch shows up, and bewitches him to continue on to meet her. The police give up chase when Vince enters the dangerous zone in space designated as "Pi 881x 921y0".

The space liner damaged in the battle with the police, Vince crashes it into an asteroid. He gets out of the wreckage and continues his search. He is entirely enthralled and about to kiss her when the voice of Kit-E stops the engagement. Kit-e aims a weapon at the Asteroid Witch, explaining she knew Vince had been enthralled by some force when he stopped being his naturally kind, loving self. She pretended to kill herself, following Vince to determine the cause of his change in character. Kit-E tells the witch she has her "atom-blast pistol" trained on the witch.

The Asteroid Witch flies into space. Vince Darrow observes as Kit-E points to the figure of the Asteroid Witch which soon dissipates. Kit-E explains her atom-blast gun wasn't an atom-blast gun at all, but a "dimension gun" with an invisible beam. She explains the Asteroid Witch was sent to another dimension, and tells Vince she will forgive him for the time he was under the spell of the Asteroid Witch.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Adventures #1

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