Kit Carter, the Cadet

Real Name

Christopher "Kit" Carter, Jr.

First Appearance

Target Comics V2 #4 (1941)

Original Publisher

Novelty Press

Created by

Ray Gill and George Harrison

Golden Age Origin

Christopher "Kit" Carter Jr. was the son of Christopher Carter - a World War I veteran who served in the famous "Fighting 69th" Infantry regiment. His life began with a tragedy, as his mother died at childbirth. The grief-stricken father doted on his son and tried to raise him the best he could. The young Kit lived the life one would expect of an all-American boy, excelling in sports and enjoying a busy social life. But that life was cut short when Kit Carter Sr. was fatally wounded during a bank robbery. Kit was only 15 years old.

He was sent to Boston, Massachusetts to live with his half-uncle, Ned Carter. Kit quickly realized that Ned Carter was not exactly a savory character, but he kept his suspicions at bay until, one spring evening, he overheard his uncle discussing a recent bank robbery. He was shocked to learn that his uncle was the one who planned it.

A sense of familial obligation kept Kit from turning his uncle over to the police, but he knew he couldn't stay with him, either. With no money and no prospects, he left Boston and headed for Georgia. A kindly truck driver stopped to pick Kit up, but the two soon found themselves in the midst of a robbery. Kit fought back against the robbers, but he got wounded for his troubles. The truck driver was able to deliver him to the nearest hospital - the infirmary of Daunton Military Academy, a state-sponsored military school in Richmond, Virginia. Luckily for the young man, the military school was run by his father's former commander, who was all too happy to make sure Kit got taken care of. When Kit recovered, he offered him a chance to enroll in Daunton. Recalling that his father wanted him to enroll here, the young man was happy to accept the offer.

Kit Carter proved to be an enthusiast, loyal student. Like so many other military cadets in Golden Age comics, he often found himself fighting criminals and enemy spies both inside and outside Daunton Military Academy.


While the feature Kit Carter appeared in was called "The Cadet," it wasn't his codename, and he was never referred to it as such. Many other online sources list him as "The Cadet" anyway.

Daunton Military Academy may have been based of Staunton Military Academy, which was a fairly prestigious military academy at the time. The academy has since been closed. Aside from the obvious similarity in names, the two schools had very similar cadet uniforms, were located in the same state and had similar-looking buildings.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Target Comics V2 #4-12, V3 #1-12, V4 #1-12.V5 #1-8, V6 #1-10, V7 #1-12, V8 #1-18, V9 #1-12, V10 #1-3
  • 4 Most #1-36

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