Public Domain Super Heroes
The Kitten

Real Name

Katie Conn

First Appearance

Cat-Man Comics #5 (December 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Irwin Hansen


Katie Conn was a twelve-year-old girl whose parents were killed in a train wreck. After this accident, her unscrupulous uncle took her in and forced her to steal on his behalf. When David Merrywether, Cat-Man, learned of her situation, he put her uncle behind bars and adopted her himself. Katie was already a trained acrobat, and she was grateful enough to want to help. However, Cat-Man was reluctant to let her tag along until she proved herself in the fight. She became Cat-Man's sidekick, the Kitten.

Katie Conn Teen 01

Katie Conn

Later, she met Mickey Matthews, sidekick of the Deacon, at a summer camp. They fought crime and Nazi spies until they parted ways. When she and David moved to Center City, she and Mickey met again. Together, they formed the Little Leaders and fought crime both in and out of costume.

In 1945, Katie was given a new origin in Cat-Man Comics #27. In this new history, the mad animal keeper (who killed David Merrywether's mother) abducted a baby from an orphanage and gave her the name "Rosetta." He secretly left the baby in the cage with the leopard Tamara, who became fiercely overprotective of the child. David Merrywether managed to persuade Tamara to give up baby Rosetta, and David named Rosetta "Katie" instead and raised her.

Public Domain Appearances[]

  • Cat-Man Comics #5-32


  • Katie visibly aged over the course of Cat-Man Comics.

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