Public Domain Super Heroes
Kitty Carson

Real Name

Katherine "Kitty" Carson

First Appearance

Kerry Drake Detective Cases #12 (January 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Powell


Kitty Carson was "The Ruff Ridin Gal Sheriff" of Rimrock County. After her father, the former county sheriff, was killed by rustlers, Kitty took over his job and brought his killers to justice. She was sometimes assisted by an old codger in a coonskin hat named "Gopher Gus." At one point, she joined the "Jones Wild West Show" to raise money for a hospital. She appeared to live and operate in the 20th century.

Powers and Abilities

Kitty was a crack shot who carried twin six shooter revolvers. She was a trick rider and an expert with both the whip and the lasso. She also knew Judo.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Kerry Drake Detective Cases #12, 15-20
  • Chamber of Clues #27-28


  • Kitty was likely named after the legendary frontiersman, Kit Carson.