Kitty Hemstridge

Real Name

Katherine Hemstridge

First Appearance

MSN Groups (2005)

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Kathrine "Kitty" Hemstridge is a supporting character in the Glory Bee universe. Generally depicted as an achetype 'good girl', Kitty is close friends with Gloria Benton and Sally Doolin. Insanely jealous of Kitty's popularity, Glory often schemes to get her into trouble with parents and teachers.

Faux Publishing History

Kitty Hemstridge first appeared as a background character in Holy Dooley! Comics (circa 1941). While never awarded her own feature, the character appeared in virtually every story until 1954, even making a few guest appearances in Carrie Madison and Kooky Girls Comics.

Holy Dooley! went into hiatus for several months during the Comics Code controversy, then resumed in 1956. Retitled Glory Bee Adventures, the strip combined children's humor with teen romance in an attempt to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Kitty returned with the rest of the cast, frequently paired with Everdale's resident brainiac, Horace Eldington. Now aged around fourteen, her real name was revealed to be Katherine; "Kitty" being her preferred diminutive. As the fifties drew to a close, all of the "Everdale Kids" graduated high school to attend Chamberlain University.

When Landmark resurrected its superhero line in 1961, a retcon placed 'Kathy' in the same universe as Ace Brogan, Selina the Moon-Maiden, and Major Triumph. Now depicted in her late teens, the character made regular crossovers in Agent of S.T.E.E.D, Selina the Moon Maiden, and the revived Liberty Belles magazine. Both Glory and Kitty continued on as supporting characters in the Carrie Madison book until its cancellation in 1973.


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