Koko and Zaq

Real Name

Koko and Zaq

First Appearance

Space Adventures #5 (March 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Art Cappello


Koko and Zaq are two space smugglers evading capture by the Space Rangers through the use of Saturn's rings and myriad moonlets composing the rings. Commodore Rex Clive and Adjutant Speed Lansing track them to the moon, Titan. Going there undercover, he encounters Stella Dawn of the STARS and picks up the trail of Koko and Zaq selling diamonds.

The law officers follow Koko and Zaq's spaceship to the moon, Japetus. Japetus shines in the sky like diamonds, and is composed mostly of diamonds. Koko and Zaq attack the scoutcraft, leaving Stella and Rex stranded. Rex uses an enormous diamond to send a message to the Space Rangers, who rescue them and demolish the smuggers' fleet. Koko and Zaq attempt their escape by passing close to Saturn, but their ship is over-laden with diamonds and is pulled into the planet and destroyed.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #5
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