Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle
Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle #6

Real Name


First Appearance

Four Color #1256 (February - March, 1962)

Original Publisher


Created by

Don Segall and Sam Glanzman

Silver Age Origin

Kona saved the lives of Dr. Henry Todd, his daughter Mary, and her two children Mason and Lily from a dangerous T-Rex after their army surplus blimp crash landed on Kona's prehistoric Pacific island. Kona becomes their friend and protects them from numerous giant monsters and creatures such as giant insects, dinosaurs, man-eating plants, sea serpents,and even a giant kitten.

Public Silver Age Appearances

  • Four Color Comics #1256
  • Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle #2-8

Copyrighted Silver Age Appearances

  • Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle #9-21

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