Konga #1

Real Name


First Appearance

Konga #1 (1960)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill and Steve Ditko


Konga was originally a monkey found by Professor Charles Decker. On the same expedition, the professor also acquired a chemical extract from a new species of plant. The chemical made living things grow. Professor Decker tests the formula he created using the chemical on Konga which made him grow and change into a chimp and later a gorilla. The formula has a side effect that allows Konga to read minds and thinking his master wants Dean Foster, a critic of Decker's work, dead, Konga escapes and kills the man. Konga then kills Tagore, an Indian scientist who has achieved success in the same field as Decker and was going public first. Finally, Konga decides to go after Bob, a student who caused the professor's assistant, Sandra, to quit after he proposed to her. However, Decker and his wife Margret realize what has happened and go to stop Konga, but the ape has now grown to gigantic size and goes on a rampage through London. The Deckers are killed in the chaos and the military shoots Konga down. When he died he reverted to his original simian state. Bob and Sandra look on in horror and mourn the loss of their mentor.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Konga #1-23
  • Konga's Revenge (1963) #2-3
  • Konga's Revenge (1968) #1
  • The Return of Konga #nn
  • Fantastic Giants #24


  • While Konga was a movie adaptation, the comic came out a year before the film making it Konga's first appearance. Because none of the Konga comics produced by Charlton were renewed Konga is public domain even though the film is not.

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