Lad the Dog

Real Name


First Appearance

Lad, a Dog (Novel, 1919)

Original Publisher

E. P. Dutton

Created by

Albert Payson Terhune


Lad was a rough collie who lived at "The Place" with his mate, Lady, and their human masters. The two of them later had a son named Wolf, and Lad raised him to be smart, brave and loyal.

Lad protected The Place and his masters from human criminals and dangerous animals. He also had a number of other adventures, and fights with other dogs. At the age of 13, he was still respected as the leader of the dogs at The Place.

Lad was a champion show dog, suggesting that he was very attractive and well trained. He demonstrated a high level of intelligence, courage and loyalty, though he was only an average fighter.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • Lad, a Dog (1919)
  • Bruce (1920, not about Lad, but a supporting character of The Place)
  • The Further Adventures of Lad (1922)

Comic Book Appearances

  • Four Color Comics #1303 (1962)
  • Lad a Dog #2 (July-September, 1962)

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  • Lad the Dog does not appear to have any direct relationship with the character Lassie, though they share similarities.
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