Lady Analemma

Real Name

Linda Sherman

First Appearance

Lightbringer #9 (2007)

Original Publisher

Steel Dragon Comics

Created by

Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug


Originally an elementary school teacher in Pharos City, Linda was kidnapped by the criminal gang the Slavers and sold to a paramilitary group who were involved in experiments to instill super powers in ordinary humans. Eventually, there was a fire at the base and Linda was the only survivor, now going by the name Lady Analemma and wishing to end the Slavers through violence. She was recruited by the Darkbringer to help stop the trial of Slavers leader General Werres, to instead kill the man.

Powers and Abilities

  • super speed (though is implied it's something else that just seems like it)

Public Domain Appearance

  • Lightbringer #9-11


On September 30th, 2013, Linkara posted that he was releasing the Lightbringer comic into the public domain.

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