Public Domain Super Heroes
Lady Luck

Real Name

Brenda Banks

First Appearance

The Spirit Section newspaper strip (1940)

Original Publisher

Quality Comics

Created by

Will Eisner, Dick French and Chuck Mazoujian


Nobody suspected that Lady Luck was actually Brenda Banks, a "debutante crime buster bored with social life" who decided to become a "modern lady Robin Hood." She solved blackmail cases, spy cases, kidnappings, and any other cases that came her way. She was a prolific world traveler and, in early adventures, she often became involved in danger and intrigue in Europe and Asia. Later in her career, she was assisted in her adventures by her brawny Italian chauffeur Peecolo.

As Brenda Banks, she was in love with Police Chief Hardy Moore, whose job was (hardly surprisingly) to find and arrest Lady Luck. In her adventures in Eastern Europe, she became involved with the gentleman thief Prince Stefan. She was later wooed by the wealthy Count DiChange.

Public Domain Appearances[]

  • The Spirit Section (6/2/1940-11/3/1946)
  • Smash Comics #42-85
  • Lady Luck #86-90


  • Initially, Lady Luck was portrayed as a hard-boiled racket-buster, something like a female Green Hornet. Over time, like many Golden Age characters, her adventures became more humorous and she acquired a comedy sidekick in Peecolo.
  • A supernatural personification of Luck who seemed to be inspired by Brenda Banks appeared in DC's Phantom Stranger #6 from 2013.

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