Lady Satan

Real Name

Anne Jason/Jackson (see "Notes" section) & Queen Anne, the Black Witch of Salem

First Appearance

Scream #2 (Oct. 1973)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Hewetson and Ricardo Villamonte


Within one body lived one Anne, innocent and good, and another Anne, the evil "Black Witch of Salem." Together: they were "Lady Satan," each constantly struggling with the other for complete control over their shared body.

The evil Anne married Satan (also called Lucifer).

Public Domain Appearances

  • Scream #2-3


  • Skywald had a history of not including a proper copyright notice (it did not consist of the word "copyright"/the symbol for copyright followed by the year of publication and the name of the copyright holders) and thus, because of copyright law at the time, became public domain upon release.
    • However, this law was amended in 1974, placing only her first two appearances in the public domain.
  • In her first appearance, the innocent girl's name was given as "Anne Jason" however, in her second appearance (and without explanation), her name was given as "Anne Jackson."
  • Lady Satan is sometimes referred to as the first African American female to star in her own stories, however Butterfly (also published by Skywald) debuted two years earlier.

The innocent and good Anne.

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