Lance Cooper

Real Name

Lance Cooper

First Appearance

Dynamic Comics #2 (1941)

Original Publisher

Harry A. Chesler/Dynamic

Created by

Al Plastino

Golden Age Origin

Lance Cooper was an orphan who had been living in the Everglades by himself after the death of his father. He was kidnapped by a giant bat which turned out to be a Vampire. Green Knight however while on patrol in the Everglades, saved the young boy and later adopts him as his crime fighting partner Lance. Together they prevent the vampire from drinking the blood a of a damsel in distress named Dale who foolishly ignored her friends warnings and wandered into the everglades.

Powers and Abilities

Lance had no powers but was trained by Green Knight how to use a bow and arrow and a sword. He was also capable at hand to hand combat.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Bulls Eye Comics #11
  • Dynamic Comics #2-3
  • Kayo Comics #12

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