Public Domain Super Heroes
Lance Hale

Real Name

Lance Hale

First Appearance

Silver Streak #2 (1939)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

John Hampton


Lance Hale was a great white hunter and soldier of fortune who frequently ventured into the jungles of Africa. While looking for diamonds in the wilds of Rhodesia, using a map left to him by his uncle, he traveled into the subterranean empire of Aldia, who had met his uncle many years before. Aldia asked Lance to pass through the "Flame of Immortality" which would make him ever youthful, like her. After doing so, he helped her to secure her empire by defeating the Lizard Men. Aldia tried to make Lance stay with her, but he fought his way free, so that he could take the diamonds he obtained to help the needy on the surface world. Lance returned to Africa after a brief stay in civilization.

At some point, possibly later in his career, Lance met Dr. Grantland Grey who asked him to travel into space with him. After traveling to the world of the "Spirit Men," these aliens attempted to invade the earth. Lance saved Dr. Grey's daughter and fought the Spirit Men invasion, but the story was never resolved.

Lance was one of the heroes who helped Daredevil fight Adolf Hitler. He also teamed up with Captain Battle in a text story.

Lance was very strong and demonstrated the ability to lift 500 lbs. over his head. Later, Dr. Grey gave him an armband that allowed him to lift that much easily with one hand. However, through most of his career, Lance did not have the arm band and while he was in Africa, he usually relied on primitive weapons, including a knife, bow and spear.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Silver Streak #2-6, 8-10, 12-13
  • Daredevil #1
  • Captain Battle Comics #1, 3, 5