Public Domain Super Heroes
Sir Lancelot

Real Name

Sir Lancelot du Lac

First Appearance

Erec and Enide

Original Publisher


Created by

Chrétien de Troyes


Lancelot was the son of King Ban of Benwick and Elaine. When Ban's kingdom was conquered, Lancelot was carried off by the Lady of the Lake, who raised him in a magical kingdom. She later sent him to Camelot, where he became a knight of King Arthur's round table. He quickly rose to prominence as the bravest and most capable fighter of all the knights, and experienced many adventures with them.

Upon arriving in Camelot, Lancelot quickly fell in love with Arthur's queen, Guinevere. After being rescued by Lancelot, she began to have feelings for him as well, and they began an affair which was ultimately responsible for the discord which led to the fall of Camelot, and the death of Arthur. Afterwards, Guinevere became a nun and asked Lancelot to never show his face to her again. Lancelot became a priest and sought penance.

Before the fall of Camelot, Lancelot was tricked into making love to Elaine of Corbenic, daughter of the Fisher King, who disguised herself as Guinevere. Their union resulted in Sir Galahad, an even more perfect knight than Lancelot himself.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Star Comics #1
  • Robin Hood & His Merry Men #32: Sir Lancelot rescues the lady Barbara from the tower of Duc De Fer of Normany.
  • Robin Hood & His Merry Men #36: Sir Lancelot dons the golden armor of King Arthur to meet a challenge accepted by the wounded king. He defeats three knight to save England.
  • Atomic Comics #1: Lancelot fights in a jousting tournament and defeats all opponents, with a spearhead in his chest.
  • Catholic Comics #5, 9: Lancelot is defeated in jousting for the first time in his life by his own son, Sir Gallahad, who is protected by a mystical shield.
  • Four Color #775: Sir Lancelot and Brian movie adaptation.
  • Kid Eternity #4, 12: Sir Lancelot summoned to the 20th century by Kid Eternity.

Public Domain Movie Appearances

  • Lancelot and Elaine (1909)
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1921)
  • Sword of Lancelot (1963)

Public Domain Television Appearances

  • The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (1956 - 30 episodes)

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