Landor the Maker of Monsters
Landor, post-fire

Real Name


First Appearance

Speed Comics #1 (October 1939)

Original Publisher

Harvey Publications

Created by

Bob Powell


Landor, the Maker of Monsters, was a mad scientist obsessed with mastering the secrets of life. As the name indicates, he specialized in making monsters, mostly by combining body parts salvaged from various corpses and bringing the results to life.

While trying to bring his first creation to life, a pair of adventurers, Anthony Jack Terrance and his finance, Marcia, sought shelter in Landor's castle. When Landor realized that his creature fancied Marcia, he tried to restrain her. But the monster wasn't keen on seeing a strange man hurt Marcia and turned on his creator. Ultimately, Jack managed to fight off the monster (killing him in the process) and escaped the castle. Somehow, the fight started a fire that quickly spread, burning through the entire structure. Landor survived, but he was burnt so badly that he was reduced to a ghastly, mummy-like creature.

From that point on, Landor kept creating monsters, hoping to create something more controllable and intelligent and usually falling short. Anthony and Marcia became his recurring opponents. In some stories, they got additional aid from Kung Fu-Tse, a noted criminologist and Anthony's college roommate.

Landor briefly found love when he was approached by Doctor Sina Zurat, a famous biologist. Sina expressed admiration for Landor's experiments and the two decided to pool their knowledge to create a new monster, a fanged woman named Creeta. They fell in love and decided to get married. But the jealous Creeta wouldn't have it. She tried to kill Sina. Landor rushed to stop his creation, but it was in vain. Anthony Terrance, who was passing by Landor's headquarters, heard Sina's scream and rushed in to help. Landor told his enemy how to defeat Creeta, only to discover that it was too late - Sina was dead. The despondent scientist surrendered without a fight.

Landor escaped from prison in the very next issue and returned to his old ways. However, this would be the last time he made female monsters.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Speed Comics #1-11
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