League of Vampires

Real Name


First Appearance

Forbidden Worlds #2 (Sep-Oct. 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Charlie Sultan


Nancy Lewis is sitting at home considering her engagement to Roy Carlson. Roy is a scientist too busy to spend much time away from his experiments, even for Nancy.

She becomes aware when an unexpected knock sounds on her door. There, she encounters an odd man. The man turns out to be a vampire. He quickly hypnotizes her to gain access to Roy's laboratory. The vampire takes a box of dirt which Roy says is "the perfect soil," similar to the original soil once covering Earth. Roy believes the soil will help mankind, while the vampire plans to use it to permit vampires the ability to gather anywhere and anytime.

Roy goes to the vampire's lair to retrieve the box of soil, but he has to survive the rest of the night while fending off the attacks of the League of Vampires until daybreak.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Forbidden Worlds #2
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