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Leonore Black
Lenore black.jpg

Real Name

Leonore Black

First Appearance

Baffling Mysteries #6 (January 1952)

Original Publisher

Ace Magazines

Created by

Mike Sekowsky and Bill Walton


Leonore Black was a beautiful woman who could transform into a giant black widow spider. Her love for spiders began when she was a little child, Leonore believed that a black widow spider heard her prayers and killed her abusive stepfather. Also like Arachne from Greek myth, Leonore spent hours at her spinning wheel just like how spiders spin webs.

Leonore used her giant spider form to hunt and kill men who do harm to spiders. These included collectors such as her husband Richard Deloy and scientists such as Ben Greene. However when she tried to kill her fiance Dan who was a zoologist, he unleashed a swarm of giant wasps who hunt spiders which stung her to death.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Baffling Mysteries #6