The Leopard Woman

Real Name

Countess Miklos

First Appearance

The Leapord Woman (Novel, 1916)

Original Publisher

Created by

Stewart Edward White


The Leopard Woman (known as Bibi-ya-chui by Africa natives) was a Hunagarian woman who worked as a spy for the German government. She spoke English, German and Hungarian with perfect fluency, though slight inconsistencies made it clear that English was not her native language. She was extremely seductive, with a tall, sinuous and graceful body, full curves, long hair, tied in braids and long "inscrutable" sea-green eyes.

Her face was as exotic as an orchid. It was long, narrow, and pale with three accents to redeem it from what that ordinarily implies—lips of a brilliant carmine, eyes of a deep sea-green, and eyebrows high, arched, clean cut, narrow as though drawn by a camel's-hair brush. Indeed, in civilization no one would have believed them to have been otherwise produced. In spite of the awkward sun helmet she carried her head imperiously.

She painted her lips red, and usually wore silk, stalkings and high heels. She smoked cigarettes and lived a luxurious lifestyle, demonstrating a haughty attitude.

While she was emotional and easily overwhelmed with fear, she was also very clever and ruthless. She usually carried a gun. She fell in love with rival agent John Culbertson, who she was sent to delay.

Her rival, Culbertson, was an agent of the British government. He spoke Swahili and was well known throughout Africa by the name "Bwana Kingozi." He had been friends with a native named Simba for many years. He had thick, wavy hair, a full beard, and gray eyes, with wrinkles at the corners. On a mission to speak with M'tela, chief of the Kabilagani, he was temporarily blinded, and delayed by the Leopard Woman who tried to kill him. However, being single minded, he continued his mission, even when it seemed hopeless, and fell in love with the Leapord Woman.

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