The Liberty Belles
Victory Girl and her Liberty Belles storm yet another Jap-a-nazi stronghold.

Real Name

Pixie and Trixie Bell

First Appearance

Public Domain Superheroes (Sept. 2009)

Original Publisher

Public Domain Superheroes

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Several months prior to America's entry into World War Two, 16 year-old Victoria Hamilton is adopted by her uncle, Captain Ross Hamilton, after her parents die in suspicious circumstances. Captain Hamilton is the commanding officer of a USO company stationed in Washington; using his military connections he arranges for Victoria to join the company as a tap dancer. There she makes friends with fellow performers Pixie and Trixie Bell, a pair of 'vaudeville brats' billed as The Liberty Belles." All three girls are placed under the supervision of W.A.C. Lieutenant Betsy Ross, a former school teacher responsible for educating the Company's children.


Donning a costume based on the American flag, Vicki sets out to solve the mystery of her parent's murder, which she traces back to a Nazi sabotage ring operating out of Washington. Aided by her friends Pixie and Trixie, she succeeds in bringing the spies to justice, foiling an attempt to blow up the White House in the process. The three girls also meet up with the great American superhero Major Triumph, who was working on the same case. Victory and Triumph immediately deduce each others' secret identities, and agree to become partners in the crusade against evil.


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