Public Domain Super Heroes
Lieutenant Hercules

Real Name

Wilbur Klutz

First Appearance

Green Lama #1 (1944)

Original Publisher

Spark Publications

Created by

H.L.Gold & Irv Tirman


Wilbur Klutz was given superhuman powers by Merlin the wizard and decided to use his new powers to make money as Lieutenant Hercules, a superhero for hire. Klutz set himself up in an office, taking out advertisements in the Daily Bugle and Daily Blah with Merlin as his manager.

Powers and Abilities

His powers included indestructibility, flight, superhuman strength, wisdom, and speed. Lieutenant Hercules could change between his human and superhuman forms by employing a magical formula, but eventually, he got stuck in his superhuman state after visiting "comic land" for an extended period of time.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Green Lama #1-8

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