Lightnin'and Lone Rider

Real Name


First Appearance

Lightin' and the Lone Rider (January 1939)

Original Publisher

Lincoln Features Syndicate/Eastern Color

Created by

Jack Kirby (as Lance Kirby)


Lone Rider put on a black mask and costume and rode his horse Lightnin' to fight injustice in the American West. He was assisted by a Mexican guitar player named Diego and his son Pepito as well as Texas, the laziest man and quickest draw in the west. The Lone Rider also worked with Sheriff Hank Fletcher who the Rider disguised himself as when apprehending Hutch Kruger's gang so the sheriff would receive the credit.

His enemies included Hutch Kruger and his gang as well as the immortal 50,000 year old telepath known as Dr. Chuda.

At first his adventures seemed to be the Old West, but in Famous Funnies #66 elements of the modern day technology such as television screens and motor boats started showing up in the feature.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Famous Funnies #61-80
  • Lightning and the Lone Rider Strip (January-February 1939)

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