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Lightning Girl
Lightning Girl 003.jpg

Real Name

Isobel/Isabel Blake

First Appearance

Lightning Comics vol. 3 #1 (June 1942)

Original Publisher

Ace Periodicals

Created by



Navy brat Isobel Blake was the daughter of Captain John Blake, who was assigned to Dutch Harbor, Alaska. He was brainwashed by the Teacher into becoming a traitor. The navy brought in Lash Lightning to investigate his case. Lightning assumed that Isobel was in on the plot and impersonated a spy, telling her he'd been sent by the spy ring to take her. Isobel played along in hopes of clearing her father's name. But after a Japanese surprise attack both gave themselves away--Lightning changed to his superhero identity while Isobel leaped into action to help shoot down the planes. The two realized they were on the same side and went off to fight the Teacher.

Lightning Girl in peril!

But the Teacher was prepared for them. He sent out minions in insulated suits who captured them. He wired Lightning to a device that would kill him by amplifying his own electricity. Lightning barely survived but knew he could not come to the aid of the American forces in time. His only hope was to transfer some of his power to Isobel, who gladly agreed in spite of the risk to her life. He pumped "thousands of volts" into her body, transforming her into the Lightning Girl. She signaled the navy in time, while Lightning broke her father's brainwashing by showing him the American flag. John Blake fought against the Japanese forces and died a hero. At her father's funeral Isobel swore to join Lightning in his battle against evil.

Powers and Abilities

Like Lash Lightning, her powers include flight, electricity generation, radiating "lightning heat," and super-speed. Her powers are recharged by electricity. She can also track Lash via their shared "lightning impulses."

Isabel Blake before her transformation into Lightning Girl

Public Domain Appearances

  • Lighting Comics vol. 3 #1
  • Four Favorites #8-22

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