Public Domain Super Heroes
The Lightning Man

Real Name

Murder Marton

First Appearance

Kid Eternity #7 (Autumn 1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Bryant


Murder Marton was on death row for payroll killings, but after he went to the electric chair, his coroners discovered that he was still alive, empowered by the excessive electricity he absorbed. One mortician was killed when he touched the glowing body. Murder Morton then went on a crime spree, but was stopped by Kid Eternity when he summoned Benjamin Franklin to absorb his electrical charge with a lightning rod.

Powers and Abilities

Murder Marton was a ruthless killer, and he glowed with electrical energy which would kill a human or animal at the slightest touch.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Kid Eternity #7


  • Lightning Man's origin is similar to the hero Pyroman.