Lightning Raider

Real Name


First Appearance

The Lightning Raider (Film, 1919)

Original Publisher

Pathé Exchange

Created by

George B. Seitz, John B. Clymer, Charles W. Goddard, May Yohé and Pearl White


A beautiful young master thief, who lives for the thrill of a heist. She is smart, resourceful, fearless and sarcastic, usually smiling when confronted with a perilous situation. She has demonstrated almost superhuman reflexes and agility, capable of leaping out of a moving car, or scale down the side of a building with ease. She is well connected in the underworld, and commands a small gang of enforcers. Although she carries a gun, she rarely uses it, and rarely resorts to violence, as she usually has better ways of getting out of a jam. She has blonde hair and does not hide her face, though she does wear gloves and a cape. She aided the young millionaire Thomas Norton in foiling the plots of the criminal mastermind Wu Fang.


  • The Lightning Raider (Action film serial, 1919)



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