Lion Boy
Lion boy.jpg
Lion Boy and his brother lion

Real Name


First Appearance

Hit Comics #6 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

George Tuska


Flying over the wilderness of the African jungle, a plantation owner named John and his family, his wife and infant son, found themselves the victims of a plane crash. While The plane is destroyed, the baby miraculously crawls from the wreckage, and finds himself the sole survivor. A lioness sees him and sensing he is alone and helpless adopts him as one of her own into her pride. In the jungle he grows to be Lion Boy.

Lion Boy eventually discovered the plane wreckage were his parents died and fashions a knife from some scrap metal. He then found that a young male lion has overthrown the pack leader and was trying to kill his lioness mother. Lion Boy kills the male with his knife and assumes leadership of the pack with the help of his lion brother.


Public Domain Appearances

  • Hit Comics #6-21
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