Little Dynamite
Little dynamite
Little Dynamite

Real Name

Rollo P Quinn

First Appearance

Boy Comics #6

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Dick Wood & Bart Tumley

Golden Age Origin

Rollo P. Quinn (or as he was widely known, Little Dynamite) was a young leader of a kid gang. He lived in a slum in New York's East Side. He got his nickname because he was a strong fighter with a hair-trigger temper. At first, Rollo and his gang were little more then a group of thugs, vandalizing and robbing local shops whenever they pleased and using a combination of trickery and force to defend their territory from other gangs. Rollo did have a soft spot for his older sister, who pretty much raised him. As the years went on, Rollo started to mellow out, and his gang spent more and more time fighting crime and Axis agents out of altruism rather than self-interest. In later adventures, they were about as benevolent as the Little Wise Guys.


The text story in Daredevil Comics #6 is essentially a retelling of Little Dynamite's first story in Boy Comics #6. Because it did not have the same space constraints as the comic, it went into more detail about Little Dynamite, his gang and their motivations.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Boy Comics #6-39
  • Daredevil Comics #6
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