Little Miss Murder

Real Name

Mrs. Mara (formerly)

First Appearance

Doll Man #13 (Summer 1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Bryant


Little Miss Murder was already a skilled and experienced killer when she married Mike Mara, a notorious gangster. After poisoning her husband, she took over his gang and proved to be a cunning and ruthless crime boss in her own right. She behaved very politely, wore the anachronistic trappings of a southern belle and feigned a dainty disposition, but in reality, she was a tough and cold hearted monster. She used a number of disguised weapons to kill, including a parasol that concealed a rifle in the shaft, and a powder compact, with poisoned powder. She also knew how to kill by plunging one of her hat pins into a victim's eye. She also carried handguns and a tarantula. She managed to capture the hero Doll Man, but he freed himself and brought Little Miss Murder to justice. She swore that he would see her again.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Doll Man #13
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