Little Wise Guys (Boy Comics)
First wiseguys

Real Names

Dodo, Muggsy, Frank, Gimp and Specs

First Appearance

Boy Comics #4 (1942)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Charles Biro

Golden Age Origin

Little Wise Guys were Dodo, Muggsy, Frank, Gimp and Specs. They operated a working-class neighborhood in an unnamed American city. Dodo, the son of the a firework store owner, was the leader of the group, while Muggsy, a son of a contruction foreman, was his right-hand man. Frank, Gimp and Specs didn't have much in the way of distinct personalities, and, aside from their designs, there wasn't much to set them apart.

The Little Wise Guys were a very patriotic bunch and they generally meant well, but their methods were fairly extreme. Among other things, they faked a bombing to get their neighbors to buy war bonds and beat up a man simply because he didn't want to buy war bonds. The group lasted only two issues, and their feature was replaced by Little Dynamite. Charles Biro would end up reusing the name for Daredevil's kid sidekicks, who quickly overshadowed the originals.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Boy Comics #4-5
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