The Living Ghost

Real Name


First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #1 (Fall 1948)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Belknap Long, Fred Guardineer


"According to ancient legends, The Living Ghost is an age-old apparition...the personification of black evil itself! Back in the beginning of the world, when Satan, the fallen angel, was driven into banishment...Malevo, his Chief Lieutenant...basically more evil than even his master...was condemned to wander the world in human shape forever, striking terror into the hearts of mortals! And men know him as...The Living Ghost!"

The Living Ghost begins his career by causing a passenger train to crash into a freight train, killing dozens of people. D.A. investigator Tony Brand and Daily Bugle reporter Gail Leslie team up to find the killer, Leslie finds herself in the clutches of The Living Ghost. The ghost wants to make Leslie his queen.

Tony consults Dr. Vandyke at the Institute for Psychic Research. Dr. Vandyke relates the legend of The Living Ghost. Vandyke gives Tony a holy relic; a petrified olive branch that can turn a ghost mortal.

Tony uses the branch, and with Leslie's help, they manage to capture The Living Ghost. The Living Ghost is condemned to death in the electric chair, but disappears before the switch can be thrown.

Powers and abilities

The Living Ghost can raise the dead, has prodigious strength, and can fly. He can turn incorporeal at will, and can become approximately 20-feet-tall.


The Living Ghost has a hated enemy who he's fought over the centuries. The Dark Phantom equals The Living Ghost in power, their grudge match is meant only to end in the destruction of one of them.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #2
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