The Lizard

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Lightning Comics vol. 3 #1 (June 1942)

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The Lizard was a monstrous murderer who could scale walls and carried a trained Gila monster, "most deadly of all reptiles," with which he assassinated his victims. The lizard went after Mrs Van Vernon a rich property owner and illegal jewel fence. He sent his Gila monster to bite Mrs. Van Vernon so he could steal her money. The Raven was alerted to this crime when Mrs Van Vernon called the police before she succumbed to the Gila monsters attack. The police arrive at the penthouse apartment of Van Vernon but are unable to get in and only Dan Dartin can after changing into his raven costume. Inside, the raven confronts the lizard who decides not to tangle with the him and escapes. Lola tells the raven the lizard came to steal but not finding the monies there will go in search of it at the Beekman buildings safe.

The Raven goes to meet the lizard but Lola is caught unaware by the criminal doubling back and he nabs her. At the Beekman building the lizard holds Lola hostage making the raven open the safe for him or he will let his pet Gila bite her. threatened by the arrival of the police and wanting to escape from the raven too the lizard jumps out of the window with his hostage.

While trying to evade the Raven in midair he forgot to "securely fasten his pet's pouch" and was poisoned by his own Gila monster biting him on the neck. The lizard falls to his death while the Raven catches Lola

It was not revealed whether the Lizard was wearing a costume or whether this was his natural appearance.

Public Domain Appearances

Lightning Comics vol. 3 #1

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