Young Lord Lochinvar

Real Name


First Appearance

Marmion, Canto V (epic poem, 1808)

Original Publisher

Created by

Sir Walter Scott

Golden Age Origin

Lochinvar was a young knight who came from the Scotttish highlands in the 16th Century. He came for his love, Lady Ellen of the Netherby clan, angering her family and a number of other clans. They rode after the couple, but were unable to catch them.

Lochinvar rode alone with a good horse, armed only with his broad sword. He was a skilled rider, fighter and a strong swimmer.

"So Daring in love, so dauntless in war, have you e'er heard of gallant like young Lochinvar."

Golden Age Appearances

  • Conquest #1 (Famous Funnies)
  • A Treasury of Horses (Dell)
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