Miss Lois Cayley

Real Name

Lois Cayley

First Appearance

Miss Cayley's Adventures (novel, 1899)

Original Publisher

Created by

Grant Allen


Lois is a smart, independent female adventurer and amateur detective from England, the daughter of a strong soldier named Captain Tom Cayley of the Forty-second Highlanders. After her father died, her mother married Colonel Watts-Morgan, who left behind considerable debt when he died. With no money left to her, Lois decides to travel the world and seek adventure, getting jobs along the way and thwarting evil doers that she comes across. She eventually returns to save her true love, Harold Tillington, from a diabolical plot.

Lois went to school in Switzerland and had only recently graduated Girton (the first women’s college at Cambridge) before setting out on her adventures. She was young, athletic, intelligent and had a considerable variety of skills. She was a good climber, a shrewd detective and she spoke German. Her friends called her "Brownie" because of her dark complexion, and she was considered very attractive, to the extent that nearly every man she met wished to court her.  She had a good sense of humor and generally kept her wits about her.

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