Lola Barnes

Real Name

Lola Barnes

First Appearance

Amazing Adventures #2 (May 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Alex Schomburg


Sith Tal is an alien from planet 1,000 light years distant. He has traveled far to collect specimens from specimens from distant nebulae to place in his Zoo Ship.

From Earth, he collected a human male, Paul Reynolds. A reporter by profession. For a female specimen, Sith Tal selected school teacher Lola Barnes. Together, the pair are labelled as Exhibit One. Sith Tal treats them so the pair might live longer than the anticipated 80-100 years.

Paul gets Sith Tal to let him out of his cage, saying he's getting bored and can help with menial tasks. Sith Tal agrees. Soon, Lola and Paul are helping with the ship's operations. Paul has figured out the ship runs on a warp-drive, giving it the ability to move at faster than light. Over the months and years, the pair resign themselves to their fate, assisting Sith Tal in the collection of specimens. Once they've earned the alien's trust, Paul and Lola begin plans for escaping.

Lola ferrets away canned food, while Paul studies the maps and "film-books". They both long to return to Earth. Taking the knowledge learned by Paul and the food stored away by Lola, they escape in the ship's "Space Life-Boat", a smaller spaceship.

They return to Earth, but it's the year 9783. A scientist of Earth's future sends out gigantic robots that quickly capture Lola and Paul. They are soon put on exhibit as specimens for the zoo run for the pleasure of "Futuristic Earth People".

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Adventures #2

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