Lone Eagle

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Lone Eagle #1 (April-May 1954)

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Atsani, the young son of Black Beaver, is hunting with his friend Two Drums. They see some bear cubs, which Two Drums wants to kill with arrows. Atsani doesn't want to kill the cubs, saying they were too young. After teasing from Two Bears, Atsani decides to shoot, though his heart is not in the hunt.

"Sootah, the mad one", a crazy young boy scares the bear cubs away, saying they are his friends. Atsani defends Sootah, whom Two Drums is angry at. When Two Drums calls Atsani "squaw boy", Atsani beats Two Drums in a fight. Back at the village, the father of Two Drums and Black Beaver, Atsani's father, scolds the two boys.

Over time, Atsani eschews hunting for sport and befriends Sootah, who in is turn is friends to the bear cubs. Two Drums shows up with friends, wanting to beat Atsani. The boys with Two Drums flee when a mountain lion shows up. The lion attacks Sootah while his tries to protect the bear cubs, but Atsani shoots it with an arrow. The lion turns on Ansani, Two Drums returns to throw rocks at Ansani and help the cat kill the son of Black Beaver. Atsani's shot with the arrow misses the lion because of the rock.

The mountain lion pins Atsani, but he pulls an arrow from his quiver and kills it. Sootah testifies that Two Drums threw the rock, but his testimony is dismissed because he is consider crazy. Sootah made Atsani a necklace of the slain lion's claws. The day before the contest, Atsani places faith in the necklace that he might win the day. The chiefs decide the two boys will not fight until they come of age.

When the day comes, Atsani shoots his arrow at Two Drums. It goes through the hand of Two Drums, and he can no longer fight. Two Drums tells Atsani to finish it, but Atsani said his arrow was aimed to leave Two Drums alive. The Chief gives Atsani a new name: Lone Eagle. The two become friends again with a very strong bond. Sootah explains that the necklace gave Lone Eagle luck and strength to triumph.

The last panel explains; "So did the great Lone Eagle come by his name! Good, merciful, and brave as the great bird! A chief among chiefs.."

Public Domain Appearances

  • Lone Eagle #1-4
  • Apache Trail #1, 4

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