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Real Name

Kevin Cashman

First Appearance

PDSH wiki 2015

Created By

Brandon Longstreth


Kevin Cashman used to be one of the wealthiest boys in the world. He is the son of billionaires Spencer and Olivia Cashman. When Kevin was a child, his parents would often leave him at the Cashman Estate while they traveled the world on business. As the son of billionaires, Kevin was often the target of kidnappers and over the course of his childhood he personally fought off over 30 attempts on his life. He grew up not trusting the outside world, especially those that called themselves super heroes. He resented the fact that they never seemed to be there to help him when he needed it.

After his parents died, he inherited billions and spent much of it creating a vast vigilante surveillance system called MASKWatch. He converted the Cashman Estate into a maze full of deathtraps similar to the ones he used to protect himself as a child. His plan to take revenge on the heroes that never saved him is slowly but surely coming to fruition.


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