Public Domain Super Heroes
The Lord of Death

Real Name


First Appearance

All-Story Weekly (May 10, 1919)

Original Publisher


Created by

Homer Eon Flint


Strokor is a creation of writer, Homer Eon Flint, in a 1919 pulp story. He is, by human standards, extremely strong and of at least genius intelligence.

Four scientists, aided by reverse-magnetism and lead by Doctor Kinney, travel to a dead planet where they discover that Strokor’s lust for power destroyed all life there—except for him. In suspended animation, he awaits the newcomers.

As described in the original story, "All powerful Strokor, the iron-voiced dictator of Mercury when the Earth was young, wanted Ave, the girl who was different, to be his wife and mother of a new race. Edam, the dreamer, who looked like Ave, Strokor feared not. That was his fatal mistake."

Public Domain Appearances

  • All-Story Weekly (May 10, 1919)
  • Famous Fantastic Mysteries vol. 1, # 3 (reprint of above)