Lords of Judgement

Real Name


First Appearance

Beware! #7 (May 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob McCarty


"We Lords of Judgement have power only in the world of the dead!"

When a recently-deceased spectre observes his body walking around in the world of the living, he brings the matter to the Lords of Judgement. One of the lords states that "whoever has appropriated your earthly body has violated the immutable laws of life and death!" The Lords of Judgement assure retribution for the spectre.

Hiram Gehr is the individual who has appropriated the corpse. He is an inventor of a machine he uses to rent out dead bodies through "transmigration of souls" for the use of elderly people who can afford it and desire the sensations of being young again. Jethroe Leach is a wealthy patron, and the one who had rented the body the spectre observed walking around.

The Lord of Judgement decide, since they do not have power in the world of the living, they should look to see what Gehr's downfall would be. They consult a book and learn that greed the destroying error. Disguised as three thugs, they bring in the body of a gangster named Hawk Quintin. Quintin had been shot by his foes in the criminal underworld, yet Gehr purchases the otherwise fine physical specimen.

Later, Leach returns for another spin in the corpse, but Gehr demands $5,000 for the privilege. Angry, Leach agrees. Once in the body, Leach beats Gehr up and threatens to turn Hiram in for his stock of corpses. Desiring to get revenge and stop Leach from talking to the police, Gehr takes the body of Hawk Quintin. Gehr finds Leach in the stolen corpse and kills him. The police are nearby, and catch Gehr near his shop. They mistake Gehr for Quintin and shoot him dead, surprised to find he has three gunshots in him already.

In the afterlife, the Lords of Judgement hold court, telling the terrified Gehr to "prepare for your doom!"

Public Domain Appearances

  • Beware! Terror Tales #7
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